New Oil Expansion
From small town, West Virginia to all nations for the name of Jesus
In January of 2023, at a baptism outside in the rain and the dark, Pastor G was given vision and prophecy. As he lifted our first two international family members out of the cold waters, he proclaimed that they would be the first fruit of many nations. This moment, along with his message of New Oil and continued growth of the ministry has produced fruit for the Kingdom that will never end. Currently, we now celebrate the lives reached and changed from over thirty different nations on five continents. 
1 Family, 1 Faith
The manifestation of the vision is here, and it's just the beginning...

We believe in the fullness of the Word and the abundant life it brings. The goodness of God in the land of the living is avaiable to all. We are breaking down the barriers of religion, tradition, and legalism to ensure the truths of the Gospel. 

Where He leads and appoints, we follow.
Prayerfully reach out today!
2024, The Year of Forward, is flurishing! The New Oil Expansion has effected locally in our community, church body, nursing homes, hospitals, primary schools, secondary schools, and college campuses. Pastor G, Pastor Kelsie, and Arielle have expanded the New Oil this year in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Mexico, Jamacia, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and more. Feel free to contact us if you would like to fellowship with us as well!